Program Studi AKUNTANSI

The Accounting Department was founded in 1992 and produces graduates who are market-oriented and have a high level of professionalism in accounting. Across 2005-2006, the department opened additional afternoon classes available to high school graduates, vocational students and Diploma III graduates who wish to continue their studies at an undergraduate level. This program, with the motto ‘Make Your Future Better’, is committed to providing education and quality teaching to people of a wide range of educational backgrounds. This departement has got an "A" accreditation.

The program consists of three core subjects:

  1. Financial Accounting,
  2. Management Accounting, and
  3. Accounting Information Systems.

Educational Facilities:
Computer and manual laboratories are available to students to prepare them for entry in to the workplace and to be able to maintain competitiveness in the business world. A training facility, supported by the Centre of Accounting Studies and Development, is also provided that is relevant to the demands of the business community.

Career Opportunities:
Graduates can gain employment in the following professions:

  • Public, Management or Government accounting
  • Systems analysts in the field of accounting
  • Internal auditors
  • Accountancy consultants
  • Financial analysts

Lecturers at Department of Accounting

Jl. Pawiyatan Luhur IV/1 Bendhan Dhuwur Semarang 50234
Telp. 024 - 8441555 (hunting) Fax. 024 - 8415429, 8445265
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